Collins Inkjet was founded in 1989 in a garage under the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn, NY as a one-man operation supplying ink for Kodak continuous inkjet printers. Early on, Collins established the principles that still guide everything it does today. Collins’ goal is to be the best supplier its customers have, and to treat all its partners as it would like to be treated.

Over the next 10 years, Collins Inkjet captured approximately 50 percent of the market for Kodak inkjet printers with a combination of quality and service. Around the year 2000, Kodak approached Collins and asked if Collins would be interested in cooperating with the idea of expanding the range and quality of inks available to all Kodak customers.

In the late 1990’s, Hewlett Packard, through its OEM partners, introduced a line of mailing and addressing printers. Collins had been producing inks for the mailing and addressing industry for a number of years and entered the market with a range of inks specifically formulated to meet the needs of the mailing industry. Collins succeeded in capturing a significant percentage of the market and eventually entered into a series of contracts with Hewlett Packard in which Hewlett Packard sold empty inkjet ink cartridges to Collins, which Collins filled with an ever-increasing portfolio of inks.

Eventually, Collins started formulating inks for other printheads and printers. Collins went from only producing water-based inks to producing water-based, oil-based, solvent-based and UV curable inks and established relationships with most major inkjet printhead manufacturers. In 2016, Collins Inkjet Corporation was acquired by Kao Corporation. The move combined Collins’ advanced ink designing technologies with Kao’s world-class dispersion and polymer chemistries in a move to expand the application space for inkjet printing.


High-speed inkjet printing is growing rapidly and expanding into new markets. Kao Collins has been investing heavily in order to meet the ever-increasing needs of its customers.

  • Kao Collins continues to expand its lab capabilities
  • Kao Collins purchased a wide range of printing platforms and ink curing solutions
  • Kao Collins created its own pigment dispersion operation
  • Kao Collins purchased a new printhead refurbishment and parts support operation for Kodak Versamark brand printers
  • And soon, Kao Collins will install an electron beam (Ebeam) curing unit to meet what Kao Collins expects to be a greater demand for safer curable inkjet inks.


Kao Collins plans to continue expanding its capabilities to meet the growing demand for high-speed inkjet printing.

Where no other options exist, Kao Collins will attempt to create hardware and software solutions that it will sell to its existing customers and OEM partners.

Kao Collins will continue to execute its strategy of expanding geographically so that it can provide prompt customer service to customers worldwide.