Press Releases

Kao Acquires Collins Inkjet – 7/1/16

Collins Inkjet is excited to announce that Kao Corporation has acquired Collins Corporation. Kao Corporation, while a relative newcomer to inkjet, has world-class dispersion and polymer chemistries that offer the promise of better, more robust ink solutions. Kao Collins has been developing innovative inkjet solutions for over 26 years. By joining forces, the two companies look forward to expanding the application space for inkjet printing.

The current management of Collins Inkjet will remain in place. Collins will continue to operate out of its facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio and Berlin, Germany.

View Kao’s official release here.

Q: What does this mean for current customers?
A: Business as usual. Customers can expect to receive the same service and support that they’ve always received from Collins.

Q: How does this affect the ordering process?
A: Day to day operations such as placing orders and receiving technical assistance will remain unchanged.

Q: Does this affect distributors and other partners?
A: Kao Collins will continue to move forward and honor all existing contracts.

Q: Why did Kao Collins make this decision?
A: Kao Collins has continued to expand both vertically and horizontally. Moving forward, Kao Collins will need to be able to support an ever-increasing customer base worldwide. Not only does Kao have fundamental dispersion technology which should enable Kao Collins to improve and expand its product portfolio, but Kao has an existing infrastructure, which can be leveraged to support the growth of Collins.

Q: Who is Kao Corporation?
A: Kao Corporation is a large, wide-ranging Japanese company that has a presence in both consumer products and industrial industries. Kao Corporation prides itself on its integrity and the promotion of environmentally friendly solutions.

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Collins Ink Changes Name to Kao Collins, Begins Refurbishing KV Equipment – 9/8/13

Collins Ink Corporation is changing its name to Kao Collins Corporation. The name change is to reflect Kao Collins’ expansion into printer upgrades, parts, and support.

Collins Ink has a 23-year history of working closely with customers of high-speed inkjet printers. Recently, customers have asked Collins to refurbish Kodak Versamark print heads. Presently, Kodak has a monopoly on the refurbishment of print heads used in Kodak Versamark printers. Collins’ goal is to become a full service alternative for all parts for Kodak Versamark brand printers.

In addition to print head refurbishment, Kao Collins is also introducing an upgrade to Kodak’s 6240 fluid stations. The upgrade extends the useful life of the fluid stations by as much as 10-15 years. Kao Collins is introducing its upgraded fluid stations at Print 13 in Chicago.

Some of Kao Collins’ customers and OEM partners also asked Kao Collins to provide support services for many of their current printers. In response, Kao Collins has set up a service organization with plans for expansion over the next two years. Kao Collins is experimenting with the idea of providing service contracts with a number of select customers and support services for other OEM’s.

Lexmark Funai Acquisition – 4/1/13

It was announced Monday, April 1 that Funai Electric Company, Ltd. has acquired Lexmark International, Inc.’s inkjet-related technology and assets. Lexmark’s press release states: “The acquisition of the inkjet-related technology and assets will enable Funai to launch new inkjet hardware and supplies under Funai’s own brands. Funai has established a strategy to develop and grow its inkjet printer business by introducing Funai’s own inkjet printers and supplies into the market. With the inkjet patents, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and comprehensive R&D capabilities, Funai will be able to accelerate the expansion of its inkjet business.”

As a Lexmark technology partner since 2009, Collins is excited about the news and what that means for the future. The Collins-Lexmark business has seen significant growth over the past few years and Kao Collins will continue to formulate innovative inks that expand the capabilities the Lexmark technology. For Kao Collins customers, it is business as usual; there will not be a disruption of supplies.