What is Digital Inkjet?

Digital InkjetDigital Inkjet printing is the creation of a digital image by propelling droplets of ink onto a substrate. In 1749, Jean-Antoine Nollet began manipulating a stream of drops with electricity. Today, ink droplets are delivered from a print head via Thermal (TIJ), Continuous (CIJ), or Drop-on-Demand (DOD) manipulation. Ink constituents include Water, Solvent, Oil, and UV/LED Curable. Currently, many different print heads are commercially available with new technologies on the horizon. Ink and print head selection is dictated by the application.

Applications of digital inkjet include: Coding & Marking, SOHO (small office home office), Direct Mailing and Addressing, Proofing, CAD, Wide Format Graphics Billboards & Signage, Textiles, Wall and Floor Covering, Ceramics, Photo Finishing, Plastic Cards, Labels, Food Decoration, Packaging, Commercial Printing, Printed Electronics, 3D Fabrication, Biomedical, and more!