Thermal Inkjet

Kao Collins has developed hundreds of different TIJ inks, each formulated for different applications.

Our water-based TIJ inks serve the mailing, packaging, security, ticket, and other specialty industries. Available water-based thermal inks include dye-based, pigment based, and dye/pigment hybrid formulations.

Our solvent-based TIJ inks allow customers to print onto difficult and challenging substrates that aren’t possible with water-based inks. Additionally, by continuing to create high-performing solvent-based inks, we’re expanding the capabilities of thermal inkjet technologies to include new applications such as Styrofoam, foils, varnishes, various plastics, and even glass.

Ink Recommendations are determined by:

  • Single Use or Bulk Use
  • Cartridge Orientation (Vertical vs. Horizontal)
  • Target Substrate
  • Dry Time
  • Print Speed
  • DPI
  • Decap/Re-Start
  • Unique Needs

In addition to the variety of standard, heads up, and customized black ink solutions, Kao Collins also offers fourteen standard color dye-based formulations. We can also color match virtually any Pantone Matching System (PMS) color.


TIJ Packaging Configurations

  • New 45a Cartridge (-CT)
  • New 45si Smart Chip Cartridge (-45SI)
  • Quick Disconnect 400ml Bag (-QB4)
  • Quick Disconnect 800ml Bag (-QB8)
  • Bulk System Cartridges (-S2CT)
  • 1 Liter Bottle for Bulk Supply Station (-BS1)
  • 475ml Flammable Bottle for BSS (-BSF)
  • Quick Disconnect Cartridge (-IM1)
  • Funai Single Cartridge (FCT)
  • Funai Solvent Cartridge (FSCT)