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Scientists are constantly moving the ink industry forward through cutting edge research. Read informative articles and insightful blog posts from industry experts to learn more about ink and printing.

4 Markets Benefiting from Advances in Industrial Printing

Advances in industrial printing technology have fueled changes in a number of markets.

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“Focus on Leadership”- An Interview with Lawrence Gamblin

Lawrence Gamblin discusses his experience in the world of inkjet, the achievements of Kao Collins, trends in the market, and his views on the future of inkjet.

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Overview of Direct to Garment Printing

Direct to garment printing opened up textile printing to widespread customization. Today, further advances are expanding the reach of the technology.

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Electron-Beam Inks: A Versatile Alternative to UV?

It's an inkjet world, and electron beam printing is becoming the popular choice for printers in the market for energy-cured inks.

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UV vs. EB Printing

The use of UV and EB curing for printing has become popular in the packaging industry for its quick dry time.

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Offset Printing vs. Digital Printing

The two most prominent printing methods for design projects are traditional offset and digital printing. The method you choose should depend on your budget, timeline, and the size of your print run.

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