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Ink is all around us. Every day, we take note of creative billboards, t-shirts, and soda bottles that stand out because of beautiful or unexpected designs. Get inspired by some of the creative ways businesses and artists are currently using ink.

Inkjet Printing Makes Personalized Books Possible

Advances in inkjet printing are creating a brand new market: ultra-customized books.

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12 Great Printed Direct Mail Campaigns

These brands and organizations are continuing to use direct mail in innovative ways.

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Shrink Sleeve Labels in the Age of Inkjet

Maximize your branding opportunity by adding inkjet produced shrink sleeve labels to your product packaging mix.

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8 Artists Who Use Ink in Fascinating Ways

These 8 artists from all over the world share their brilliance and creativity through unusual ink art.

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10 Ingenious Printed Cardboard Box Designs

These brands are making a memorable first impression with e-commerce packaging that stands out.

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16 Innovative Bus Wrap Designs

Wide-format graphics is one of the fastest growing areas in the printing industry. One of its well-known applications, bus wraps, has inspired some truly remarkable advertisements.

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