CINCINNATI, OHIO – FEBRUARY 6, 2020: Kao Collins announced that ongoing testing of their new SIGMA solvent ink proves the product now has a shelf life of 24 months – double the shelf life of 12 months when the product launched in October 2019. SIGMA now offers four-times the shelf life compared to competitors.

Longer shelf life means inkjet printing companies waste less ink, providing an added environmental benefit to using SIGMA ink.

The extended shelf life of SIGMA ink, along with its 12-hour decap time, offers a sustainable alternative for printers who rely on solvent ink for HP 45 industrial printing systems.

Image of the kao sigma HP 45si ink cartridge“We heard from OEMs and customers who were tired of having to worry about expired cartridges because of their inks’ limited shelf life,” said Chris Rogers, Vice President of Kao Collins. He added, “Now our partners don’t have to worry about whether or not out-of-date cartridges will work properly, and they can focus on comfortably running production.”

The industry-leading shelf life of SIGMA ink sets it apart from all other TIJ solvent inks.

>>Download SIGMA Technical Data

SIGMA ink is an ideal inkjet printing solution for mailing and addressing industries, along with product coding. The ink adheres to more substrates, including films such as BOPP, PE, PET and PP, foils, a variety of label materials, some metals, and many other non-porous materials.

“Overwhelming feedback about sustainable supply was our primary development focus,” Rogers said.

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SIGMA TSK318203 – HP 45si Technology

Fast Dry

Excellent Decap

SIGMA is a solvent-based ink formulated to dry quickly on difficult media such as plastic films (PE, PET, PP), PVC, UV coats, and some metals, with extended open times (decap).

Download SIGMA Technical Data.

Ink Features

Fluid base Solvent
Colorant Dye
Flash point < 16oC
Shipping info UN1210 Class 3 Flammable

Recommended Printer Settings

Pen driver voltage 8.4 V
Fire pulse length 1.8μs
Pulse warming Off

Printhead Performance

Decap time:  >4 hours
Shelf-life (single-CT)   24 months

Cartridge Maintenance and Handling

Use a dry lint-free cloth to clean the print head
With nozzles facing down, wipe slowly and lightly across the tip of the long edge
Forcing the wipe (too much pressure) may scratch the print head
Forcing the wipe (too much pressure) may scratch the print head

Cartridge Storage

Storage conditions 10o–30oC
Operating conditions 10o–40oC
<1 day down Leave cartridges in the machine and wipe/purge before use 
>1 day down Remove cartridges from machine and place cartridge clip over the head, wipe and purge before use