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Let’s Catch Up at Pack Expo

At Kao Collins, we prioritize sustainability and strive to set the standard for the industrial inkjet industry. We look forward to discussing eco-friendly ink solutions for packaging that can help you meet sustainability goals.

Stop by to say hello to our team at booth 9803.

  • Dave Ham – Account Manager
  • Curtis Soller – Account Manager
  • Heather Rockow – General Sales Manager
  • Chris Rogers – VP Sales Marketing
  • Yuta Mizushima – New Business Development Manager
  • Katsuyuki Kozake – EVP Research & Development

SIGMA for HP | Solving the Downtime Dilemma

KAO - Social MediaOur new patented SIGMA solvent ink for HP keeps production costs under control with a 12-hour decap time. We added new color options to the collection. That changes the game for marking and coding food, pharmaceuticals, and beverage packaging. Heatless, fast-drying Sigma offers excellent adhesion on non-absorbent surfaces, including metals, glass, and most plastics.

Benefits of patented  SIGMA solvent ink

  • 5 colors plus black
  • Significantly reduce maintenance costs
  • Less wasted materials
  • Reduced nozzle failure
  • Improved trajectory, volume, and velocity
  • 24-month shelf life reduces waste and costs

NEXXO for Funai | It Goes the Distance

NEXXO solvent ink for Funainexxo funai curves welcome offers excellent once-impossible opportunities for printing curved materials with TIJ technology. Without relying on dot-matrix type, the ink prints high-resolution 2d coding and enhances the clarity and readability of numbers, letters, or characters. The ink-cartridge combination offers an industry-leading 12mm throw distance and minimizes volatile organic compound emissions.

Applications of NEXXO solvent ink for Funai

The following are some of the uses for this ink:

  • Marking and coding
  • Pharmaceutical, beverage, and food packaging
  • Industrial labeling
  • Mailing

TESLA LED Curable | The Utility Player

flexible packaging exampleWe manufacture premium LED curable inks, undoubtedly the fastest-growing segment in the industrial inkjet industry. Our TESLA LED curable cures ink instantly. You can use the TESLA LED curable ink on virtually all non-absorbing substances, such as metal, flexible films, shrink sleeves, vinyl, and glass.

Benefits of Tesla LED Curable Ink

  • Durability
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Reduced VOCs
  • Flexible
  • Minimal ink consumption

LUNAJET | Eco-friendly Water-based Ink for Plastics – Yes

LUNAJETeco-friendly earth in water droplet for kao collins is an award-winning water-based food-grade ink that is specifically designed for high-resolution packaging printing on thin plastic films and shrink-sleeves. The eco-friendly ink remains flexible without cracking, peeling or damaging the substrate.

LUNAJET Benefits

  • Prints on plastics and other non-porous substrates
  • Extremely low VOCs make it eco-friendly
  • No solvents or photoinitiators
  • Rapid drying
  • Superior wetting means less ink consumption
  • More vibrant colors
  • Flexible after drying
  • Excellent adhesion and durability

Your Package, Our Inks

Our inks cover a wide range of packaging uses.

  • Blister packaging
  • Shrink sleeves
  • Label and narrow web
  • Marking and coding
  • Primary cardboard packaging
  • Secondary cardboard packaging

Inks for Packaging

Food | Beverages | Pharmaceuticals | Cosmetics


We proudly partner with these leaders in the inkjet printing industry.

  • HP
  • Funai
  • Colordyne
  • Maplejet
  • PT Asia Ltd

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