In-Plant Printing

In-plant printing is an in-house printing department operated within an organization. This emerging market includes large brand owners, consumer products corporations (CPCs), government offices, non-profits, and universities.

Since in-plants don’t compete directly with other in-plants or commercial printers, they can produce print much more inexpensively than if they were to utilize an outside commercial printer. Having an in-plant printing operation not only saves the organization money, but also tends to facilitate print innovation.

The applications for in-plant printing are as wide and varied as the organizations and the markets they operate in. Often times, Kao Collins works closely with the in-plant customer, OEM, and system integrator to create the best possible digital operation. This type of collaboration is imperative for in-plants because often times they are implementing a new digital system onto an existing manufacturing line that was already lean; this poses many challenges for all parties involved.