Mailing & Addressing

Kao Collins has supplied inks to the direct mail market for over 25 years. Remember Ed McMahon, “You’ve Won A Million Dollars?” We sure do; that was one of our first direct mail applications.

Today’s direct mail is different. We’re living in a digital world where email, mobile devices, social media, and digital marketing pose a greater threat to direct mail and promotional printing markets. However, with digital CRM tools, marketers are able to tailor specific messages relevant to target customers, providing much improved responses to direct mail and improving relations with existing customers. The use of creative mailing design, paired with the improvements in print capabilities, has created a direct mail market that is innovative, customized, targeted and most of all, profitable.

Kao Collins offers many different types of ink for the Mailing and Addressing/Direct Mail industry. In addition to formulating for targeted substrates, we formulate inks that expand the capabilities of print heads and increase user up-times and reliability.

Typical substrates that we offer solutions for are:

  • Papers: Offset, Matte, Gloss, Aqueous.
  • Plastic Cards
  • PVC
  • Foils