Textile Printing

Since 2000, digital textile printing technology has advanced considerably, especially in the last few years, as a result of industrial print head technology. Digital printers are offering speed/price options from 10 linear yards per hour @ $30,000 to 50+ linear yards per hour @ $3,000 making manufacturing costs comparable to that of traditional textile printing.

Digital textile printing is revolutionizing the traditional textile business model by offering on demand printing, low inventory, reduced time to market, no upfront engraving costs and lower labor costs. These advantages taken together are how digital textile printing creates high margin and high volume opportunities.

Kao Collins is currently formulating pigment-, reactive dye-, acid dye-, and dye sublimation-based textile inks for direct to garment (DTG) and direct to fabric (DTF) printing. Targeted substrates range from natural fibers to polyesters and everything in between.