Wide-format graphics is one of the fastest growing areas in the printing industry; it’s one of the few that cannot be easily replaced by online and mobile technologies. In fact, there is a recent trend of commercial printers expanding their capabilities to include wide-format services.

Wide-format and grand-format imaging includes the printing of banners, signs (retail and POP), billboards, building wraps, exhibit and tradeshow graphics, architectural and décor printing, fleet and vehicle wraps.

For the most part, this industry is dominated by solvent-based and energy-curable inkjet technologies and the consumables market is highly competitive.

While Kao Collins offers standard ink sets for the above-mentioned applications, our strengths lie in our niche, unique ink sets. For example, our patented C-Flex ink set which provides extreme flexibility and elongation, and our patented C-Lok ink set which adheres to metals, plastics, ceramics and glass without the use of primers.