Fluid Station

Fluid Station Upgrade for 6240

Kao Collins has created a replacement for what is commonly referred to as the “PC in a box”. Kao Collins has replaced the PC with a new board that is compatible with the existing equipment in the 6240 fluid cabinet. The board runs on Linux based software developed for the 6240.

Potential benefits of Kao Collins Solution include:

  • A fast ready cycle to restart the head after simple charge shorts (150 seconds)
  • Ability to turn 300 fpm and 500 fpm 6240 printers into 1,000 fpm printers.
  • Ability to turn 5300 printers into 6240 printers and vice versa
  • Menu structure designed to expand tools available to customers and simplify service functions.

Presently, Kao Collins has 3 of its fluid station upgrades running in the field, and expects to install others within the next few weeks.

We believe we can upgrade S1 fluid stations and will initiate testing of that hypothesis over the next few weeks.

While we have had success with the fluid station upgrades we have installed over the past few months, this would still be classified as being in a Beta stage release.

Kao Collins CFSU Brochure