KV 6240 Refurbishment

Current Status:

  • Over 100 refurbished printheads running at customer sites

Kao Collins has sourced its own:

  • Orifice plates
  • Charge plates and charge plate assemblies
  • Resonators
  • Charge drive boards
  • Printhead mother boards

Path Forward:

  • Kao Collins plans to begin testing printheads which Kao Collins built solely with Kao Collins sourced or developed parts.
  • Kao Collins plans to introduce a universal controller that will allow customers to run Kodak Versamark heads in line with other types and brands of inkjet printheads.
  • Kao Collins has been testing its own vacuum transducers, vacuum pumps, and other high failure items in Kodak Versamark 6240 fluid stations.

Kao Collins Fluid Station Upgrade (CFSU) was designed to achieve two goals:

  • Improve the productivity of Kodak Versamark printheads
  • Extend the useful life of Kodak Versamark printheads

CFSU is not simply a replacement for Kodak’s PC in a box. It’s much more. The CFSU was designed from the ground up. Kao Collins created its own fluid station control software in Linux that allowed us to expand the capability of current fluid stations:

Advantages of Kao Collins CFSU include:

  • Kao Collins created a fast ready (150 second) cycle and the capability for an operator to switch, on the fly, between Step to Ready, the Standard Ready Cycle, and the new Fast Ready Cycle.
  • Ability to change most system parameters without having to shut down the fluid station. This capability alone saves customers 20 minutes of system downtime. As a result, customers can be proactive in trying to resolve printhead related issues.
  • CFSU allows customers to run any printhead at 1,000 feet per minute. There is no need for expensive dongles.
  • Kao Collins can upgrade the Kodak S-1 Fluid station to be the functional equivalent of an S-2 fluid station. This is important since Kodak has reportedly announced the end of life of the S-1 fluid station this year.

The Kao Collins Fluid Station Upgrade can be configured as a graphical user interface with touch screen capabilities, or configured in simple ASCII text with a menu system that is similar to the menu system that should be easy for operators to adapt to.

Extend the Useful Life:

The original objective in creating the CFSU was to address concerns expressed by customers who feared Kodak would eventually announce an end of life on their Kodak Versamark 6240. The CFSU addresses those concerns at least with respect to the fluid station. The other advantages of Kao Collins upgraded system simply came from Kao Collins’ belief that if you are going to do something, do it right.