Funai (Lexmark)

Funai, formerly LexmarkWith the sale of Lexmark International, Inc.’s ink jet business to Funai Electric Company, Ltd. in 2013, Funai joined the list of active Kao Collins technology partners. Funai develops, manufactures, and sells unique OEM thermal ink jet printing solutions to a growing global market. Collins-Funai business agreements allow Kao Collins to acquire newly-manufactured ink jet cartridges directly from Funai factories, and fill those cartridges with unique Kao Collins inks.

Kao Collins has cooperated with Funai to deliver new inks targeted toward standard, solvent, and food grade market applications. Funai ink jet cartridges combined with a robust Kao Collins ink portfolio will provide for leading-edge printing solutions for porous, non-porous, and food grade food applications. Kao Collins water and solvent formulations are available in black, process, or spot colors. A list of specialty and solvent inks is available upon request. Please contact Kao Collins for more information.

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