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Transcript of the silent background video: The background video depicts ink floating, both in the foreground and the background. As the video progresses, new ink spills into the video from above, mixing with the ink already present.

Out-of-the-box thinking
makes for innovative inking.

Woman wearing colorful sportswear printed with water-based-pigment ink

The Promise of Eco-Friendly Pigment for Textile Inks

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Paper moving quickly through a printer


Inkjet offers limitless possibilities for industrial and commercial production. Learn the latest best practices, challenges, and opportunities.

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A stack of papers with CMYK test prints.


Protecting the environment is crucial for our future. Read about the sustainable ways inks are being sourced and how they’re helping reduce pollution all around the world.

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A chemist pouring ink into a beaker.


Inkjet ink continues to evolve, so stay up-to-date with the latest trends, big news, and exciting developments in the world of digital printing.

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Paper moving through rollers


Explore how industrial inkjet printing supports variable data and improves supply-chain management.

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Jugs of ink rolling through a warehouse


From eye-catching packaging to addresses and tracking, see how inkjet printing offers versatility and flexibility for your industry.

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Rubber stamps


Gutenberg could print 25 pages per hour. Today, a single printer can print more than 60,000 pages in the same time frame. Discover the evolution of printing through a visual history.

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