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November 30, 2016

Color Matching Inks

Most brands are built off of a specific color palette used on product packaging, advertisements, and websites. Coca-cola red, UPS brown, and T-Mobile magenta are recognizable even without a logo. Some companies go so far as to trademark their specific color. When not just any shade of red will do, ink chemists step in to create an exact formula for a specific color. Ashley Neyer, a chemist at Kao Collins, Inc., is one of these experts.


3D Printing is Helping More People Buy the Art They Love

Relying on the amazing capabilities of 3D printing, artist, philanthropist, and former actress Portia de Rossi saw an opportunity to bring her vision to life.

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Inkjet Printing on Textiles

Printing inkjet ink onto textiles has become increasingly popular as of late, starting a trend in the fashion world.

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Kaijie Chen stretches the limits of printing and design

One artist uses various ink characteristics to her artistic advantage.

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8 Billboards That Make You Slam on the Brakes

Unique inkjet billboard designs that make you say wow.

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