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November 30, 2016

Color Matching Inks

Most brands are built off of a specific color palette used on product packaging, advertisements, and websites. Coca-cola red, UPS brown, and T-Mobile magenta are recognizable even without a logo. Some companies go so far as to trademark their specific color. When not just any shade of red will do, ink chemists step in to create an exact formula for a specific color. Ashley Neyer, a chemist at Kao Collins, Inc., is one of these experts.


Inkjet Printing Allows Micro Waveguides to be Printed Affordably

Inkjet printing is allowing waveguides used in computers to be printed both quickly and affordably.

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Digital Printing is Helping Personalize Packaging

Packaging adds another opportunity for personalization that gives the user a unique experience, rather than having them feel like they’re opening up a plain box or a mass-produced package.

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Inkjet Printing Shines for Printing Glossy Paper

For all the benefits of printing on glossy paper, there are also special considerations to be aware of compared to other substrates.

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Graphene Inks are Transforming the Printed Electronics Industry

Manufacturers in the technology industry are turning to inkjet printing to quickly and inexpensively print electrical circuits that live in devices like smart watches and solar panels.

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