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November 30, 2016

Color Matching Inks

Most brands are built off of a specific color palette used on product packaging, advertisements, and websites. Coca-cola red, UPS brown, and T-Mobile magenta are recognizable even without a logo. Some companies go so far as to trademark their specific color. When not just any shade of red will do, ink chemists step in to create an exact formula for a specific color. Ashley Neyer, a chemist at Kao Collins, Inc., is one of these experts.


Using Inkjet Technology to Print Paper Solar Panels

Researchers have started using inkjet printers to print paper solar panels that are powering wearable technology and other applications.

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Inkjet Printing on Tyvek

Tyvek® is extremely strong and an effective barrier against air and water. It keeps the outside elements where they belong. But it can also be extremely difficult to print on.

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The Science of Security Ink

From lottery tickets to pharmaceutical bottles, security ink keeps customers and businesses safe. As inkjet technology evolves, so to does the range of applications for security inks.

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Inkjet Printing on Labels

Labels – they’re everywhere. The obvious ones are stuck to packages that are dropped at the front door or on that prescription bottle from the neighborhood pharmacy.

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