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July 31, 2018

Kao technology maximizes quality and color in CMYK inking

Product development chemist, Eric Miller, discusses Kao Collins inks for high-speed single pass, wide-format graphic or other printing platforms.

Chemist Eric Miller highlights Kao Collins’ proprietary technology for Fauna that allows the colorant to be coated in a unique way to provide maximum optical density, color saturation, and gamut to potentially produce more colors in a CMYK format. This formula delivers cost savings and other benefits for the customer.

Watch the video above or read the transcript below.


Eric Miller: I am an inkjet ink chemist. I formulate various kinds of ink for digital inkjet printing –  either high speed single-pass or even wide-format graphics.

The technology in Fauna ink is a proprietary, in-house technology to a specific way we are able to disperse the colorant, either it being pigment or dye-sublimation. We can coat the colorant in a specific way to allow for maximum optical density, maximum color gamut. We are able to potentially produce more colors using a CMYK format where other competitors might have to use a light cyan or light magenta as well. It could also be included in our formulations as well but we try to reduce the amount of inks that the customer has to work with because, you know, the old saying is “the more moving parts, the easier for is something to break.


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