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November 24, 2016

A Visual History of the Evolution of Printing

Perhaps no invention has had more of a global cultural impact than the printing press. It allowed for mass education and significant economic development. Today, printing technology is widespread in our daily lives. Printing technology has come a long way from the days of Gutenberg. It took 385 days to print the first Gutenberg Bible. Today, the same book can be printed in 3.86 hours by a single printer.

From Quill to Cartridge - History of Printing

Discover the history of printing “from quill to cartridge” in this beautiful and informative infographic.


3D Printing is Helping More People Buy the Art They Love

Relying on the amazing capabilities of 3D printing, artist, philanthropist, and former actress Portia de Rossi saw an opportunity to bring her vision to life.

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Inkjet Printing on Textiles

Printing inkjet ink onto textiles has become increasingly popular as of late, starting a trend in the fashion world.

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Kaijie Chen stretches the limits of printing and design

One artist uses various ink characteristics to her artistic advantage.

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8 Billboards That Make You Slam on the Brakes

Unique inkjet billboard designs that make you say wow.

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