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June 14, 2017

12 Great Printed Direct Mail Campaigns

As marketing continues to evolve alongside new technology, direct mail may seem like a dying form of advertising.

As marketing continues to evolve alongside new technology, direct mail may seem like a dying form of advertising. Remarkably, direct mail continues to be an effective tactic! Consider the following:

Even though the number of potential marketing channels for companies has increased, traditional channels continue to be effective. Recent advances in printing technology and inkjet technology for mailing and addressing have both increased, leading to innovations within the direct mail industry. Not only are some companies printing on different substrates, many are utilizing inkjet to increase print speed, add personal customization, and improve the ROI of direct mail campaigns.

Here’s twelve brands and organizations continuing to use direct mail campaigns in innovative ways.


Kit Kat Direct Mail Print(Source: Nestle; JWT London)

Nestle advertised the KitKat Chunky by delivering a “too big for your letterbox card” that prompted recipients to pick up their free KitKat Chunky at their local newsagent.  


EnoGarage Direct Mail Creative(Source: Enogarage; Badring)

This Argentinian ad by Enogarage showcases a unique way to create an interactive piece of direct mail in which the wine glass fills as the receiver pulls up.


BMW unique Direct Mail Print(Source: BMW; Cundair, Canada)

BMW advertised the ability of their cold weather tires to easily navigate snow by having recipients “cut through the snow” to open the pamphlet.


Prospera Credit Union Printed Ad Idea(Source: Prospera; MET Fine Printers)

This enticing mail by Prospera Credit Union Insurance compares the compatibility of peanut butter and jelly to the compatibility of Prospera and the potential customer.


Kia Scratchcard Direct Mail Idea(Source: KIA; Bizzprint)

This interactive ad used a scratch-off feature on top of printed cardstock to uniquely feature KIA’s windshields.


(Source: Mercedes-Benz; Claydon Heeley)

A clever use of a custom-printed envelop allowed Mercedes Benz to demonstrate a new convertible CLK-Class model.


(Source: Glazenwasserij Logchies Junior; Beyenmeyer)

This advertisement by Logchies Junior in Amsterdam advertises a window cleaning service in a simple, yet eye-catching, way.


Natural History Museum Direct Mail(Source: National History Museum; Studio Sutherland)

The National History Museum turned direct mail into a true interactive marketing piece, by printing animal masks onto a brochure.


(Source: Baltimore Conference & Expo; Colortree Group)

While this envelope doesn’t have any unique functionality, the combination of a fun design, and bright colors make it stand out.


(Source: Sharkproject; Y&R Frankfurt)

Designed to raise awareness of shark extinction due to the finning industry, this envelope reveals a “finned” shark fin after receivers cut open the envelope using a letter opener.


Papersmith Direct Mail Campaign(Source: Papersmith & Son; TBWA/Hunt/Lascaris Cape Town)

Papersmith & Son designed a creative way to use direct mail by creating a paper “sandwich” to promote their new “socially conscious paper.” A percentage of its sales are donated to end child hunger.


Texting Direct Mail Campaign(Source: Verizon)

Verizon’s attempt to engage customers in their new smartphone allowed customers to see how their thumbs looked around the device.


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