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16 Innovative Bus Wrap Designs

Wide-format graphics is one of the fastest growing areas in the printing industry. One of its well-known applications, bus wraps, has inspired some truly remarkable advertisements.

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20 Unique Product Packaging Ideas

Some of the most creative uses for ink can be found in unique product packaging. From paintbrushes to beer cans, here are 20 of our favorite printed packaging designs.

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Electron-Beam Inks: A Versatile Alternative to UV?

It's an inkjet world, and electron beam printing is becoming the popular choice for printers in the market for energy-cured inks.

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Color Matching Inks

When not just any shade of red will do, ink chemists step in to create an exact formula for a specific color.

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UV vs. EB Printing

The use of UV and EB curing for printing has become popular in the packaging industry for its quick dry time.

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11 Beautiful Artisan Screen Prints

Across the country, artisan screen printers are using ink to create beautiful screen printed artwork. Here are 11 of our favorite pieces.

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