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Scientists are constantly moving the ink industry forward through cutting edge research. Read informative articles and insightful blog posts from industry experts to learn more about ink and printing.

Inkjet Printing On Jets

Inkjet has long been a go-to choice for wide-format printing and used in large applications from bus wraps to billboards. But thanks to new research, inkjet technology’s reach has never been larger–or higher.

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Flexible Batteries and Inkjet Printing

As wearable technologies and flexible displays continue to become more popular, inkjet printing technology is helping create flexible batteries.

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How Inkjet Printers are Improving Stem Cell Research

Inkjet Technology is being used to make huge strides in stem cell technology

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Shrink Sleeve Labels in the Age of Inkjet

Maximize your branding opportunity by adding inkjet produced shrink sleeve labels to your product packaging mix.

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A Wall of Fear is Confronting Inkjet in Packaging

Marcus Timson describes how entrenched opinions on inkjet printing are affecting the packaging industry.

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Inkjet Printers Key to Producing Stretchable Circuits

Smart fabrics, electronic inks, and elastic base OLEDs all come together to create something simply amazing.

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