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Kaijie Chen stretches the limits of printing and design

One artist uses various ink characteristics to her artistic advantage.

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8 Billboards That Make You Slam on the Brakes

Unique inkjet billboard designs that make you say wow.

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Inkjet Printing on Metal

The first step in determining the right ink for various metals is to know whether the substrate has a coating atop the metal, which is often the case.

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Inkjet Printing on Ceramics

Ceramics, much like glass and steel, are hard materials, unlike paper or other porous substrates. Hard surfaces all need a different approach for printing that lasts.

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Why You Should Consider Alternatives for Printing on Polystyrene Foam Products

For all the benefits of inkjet printing, there are certain substrates that don't lend themselves to being printed on.

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Clear Solutions for Printing on Glass

Printing on glass without the use of a primer is now a possibility thanks to advances in ultraviolet ink technology.

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