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Science of Black Ink

The science of black ink allows manufacturers to create inks with thousands of specialized properties and tints.

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Inkjet Printing On Jets

Inkjet has long been a go-to choice for wide-format printing and used in large applications from bus wraps to billboards. But thanks to new research, inkjet technology’s reach has never been larger–or higher.

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Inkjet Printing Makes Personalized Books Possible

Advances in inkjet printing are creating a brand new market: ultra-customized books.

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12 Great Printed Direct Mail Campaigns

These brands and organizations are continuing to use direct mail in innovative ways.

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Flexible Batteries and Inkjet Printing

As wearable technologies and flexible displays continue to become more popular, inkjet printing technology is helping create flexible batteries.

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How Inkjet Printers are Improving Stem Cell Research

Inkjet Technology is being used to make huge strides in stem cell technology

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