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Kao Collins manufactures and supplies a variety of inkjet inks formulated for printhead models manufactured by Dimatix that support a wide range of unique applications. Prior to selecting ink for your Dimatix printing system, Kao Collins can recommend the right ink for your Dimatix printheads.

We supply a standard line of water-based, solvent-based, UV curable and LED curable inks to partners who integrate and use Dimatix printhead technology. We also have the ability to customize Dimatix ink to your desired substrate or operating environment.


Available Inkjet Printing Technologies

  • Piezo DOD

Available Ink Technologies for Dimatix

  • Water-based dye black
  • Water-based pigment black
  • Water-based dye CMYK (process)
  • Water-based pigment CMYK (process)
  • Water-based spot color
  • Solvent-based black
  • Solvent-based process colors
  • Solvent-based spot colors
  • UV-Curable CMYK (Cationic and Free Radical)
  • UV-Curable spot colors (Cationic and Free Radical)
  • Low Migration UV/LED-Curable CMYK
  • Invisible UV
  • Visible Fluorescent
  • Textile Pigment-based CMYK
  • Textile Acid Dye CMYK
  • Pigment Polymer-based CMYK (Latex Inks)
  • Pigment Polymer-based Spot Color (Latex Inks)
  • Additional formulations are under development

Typical Markets and Industries Served

  • Wide format graphics
  • Industrial marking and coding
  • Outdoor and indoor signage
  • Textiles
  • Wall and floor Coverings
  • Commercial printing

Available Packaging Configuration

  • Bulk Ink Supply
  • High-capacity Cubes and Drums
  • 1-Liter Bottle (-99)
  • 1-Liter F Style Bottle (-81F)
  • 1-Liter Cube (-81C)
  • 4-Liter Cube (-09)
  • 5-Liter F Style Bottle (-85F)
  • 10-Liter Cube (-91)
  • 20-Liter Plastic Pail (-10)
  • 20-Liter Cube (-01)
  • 110-Liter Drum (-11)
  • 210-Liter Drum (-02)

Can’t find the ink you are looking for?

We’re here to help. Our experienced and knowledgable team is committed to finding ink solutions that meet your needs.

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