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Our water-based, UV-curable, LED-curable and polymer-based (latex) ink formulations for print services providers and value-added distributors (VADs) in white-label packaging are designed to fit the needs of industrial and commercial printing applications.

Kao Collins’ inks have been formulated to target specific end-user requirements and meet Kao Collins’ validation criteria.

Available Inkjet Printing Technologies

  • Piezo DOD

Available Ink Formulations for Kyocera

  • Water-based dye black
  • Water-based pigment black
  • Water-based dye CMYK (process)
  • Water-based pigment CMYK (process)
  • Water-based spot color
  • UV curable CMYK (Cationic and Free Radical)
  • UV curable spot colors (Cationic and Free Radical)
  • LED curable CMYK
  • LED curable spot color
  • Electron beam curable CMYK
  • Low Migration UV/LED Curable CMYK
  • Invisible UV
  • Invisible IR
  • Visible fluorescent
  • Clear overcoat
  • Electron beam curable CMYK
  • Pigment polymer-based CMYK (latex inks)
  • Pigment polymer-based Spot Color (latex inks)

Typical Markets and Industries Served

  • Ceramics
  • Documents
  • Label/packaging
  • Textiles

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