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Our water-based, solvent-based, oil-based, UV curable and LED curable and polymer-based (latex) ink formulations are designed to fit the needs of industrial and commercial printing applications.

Through joint cooperation with OEMs, Kyocera has certified several of Kao Collins’ inks, while other inks have been formulated to target specific end-user requirements, meeting Kao Collins’ validation criteria and Kyocera’s materials compatibility requirements.


Available Inkjet Printing Technologies

  • Piezo DOD

Available Ink Formulations for Kyocera

  • Water-based dye black
  • Water-based pigment black
  • Water-based dye CMYK (process)
  • Water-based pigment CMYK (process)
  • Water-based spot color
  • Oil-based-black
  • Oil-based spot colors
  • Solvent-based black
  • Solvent-based CMYK colors
  • Solvent-based spot colors
  • UV curable CMYK (Cationic and Free Radical)
  • UV curable spot colors (Cationic and Free Radical)
  • LED curable CMYK
  • LED curable spot color
  • Electron beam curable CMYK
  • Low Migration UV/LED Curable CMYK
  • Invisible UV
  • Invisible IR
  • Visible fluorescent
  • Clear overcoat
  • Electron beam curable CMYK
  • Pigment polymer-based CMYK (latex inks)
  • Pigment polymer-based Spot Color (latex inks)

Typical Markets and Industries Served

  • Ceramics
  • Documents
  • Label/packaging
  • Textiles

Available Packaging Configuration

  • Cartridges and high-capacity bottles and bladders

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