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Solvent-Based Piezo DOD Ink

For Piezo DOD printheads, our solvent‑based inks are used in fast dry, spot colors, and specialty formulations. Common substrates that are used with solvent‑based Piezo DOD inks include a variety of porous substrates like paper and PVC.


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Solvent-Based TIJ Ink

Our solvent-based TIJ inks provide new solutions to old problems encountered when printing on difficult substrates. Water‑based inks just aren’t made to print well on certain substrates, but that’s where solvent‑based inks have true value. We’ve expanded our array of high-quality solvent‑based inks to include new applications:

  • Polystyrene Foam
  • Varnishes
  • Plastics
  • Foils
  • Glass

Our expertise allows us to create a solvent‑based ink that can meet the specific needs of your substrate and operating environment. Many of our standard lines of solvent‑based inks solve common printing problems:

  • Bear ink is a black ink that does not require a UV curing lamp, and often, does not need a conventional infrared dryer.
  • Shark ink performs well in very humid packaging environments and provides low maintenance, good adhesion, and water-fastness.
  • Solv-Jet ink is formulated to print on difficult substrates while maintaining a darker image and improved long-term recovery.
  • Sirius ink is formulated for adhesion to tough substrates and retains a high optical density.


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