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Solvent Inkjet Ink

Our solvent inks for HP and Funai printheads provide new solutions to old problems encountered when printing on metal, plastic, and other non-porous substrates with thermal inkjet systems.

We’ve expanded our array of high-quality solvent‑based industrial printing inks to deliver superior results for applications and substrates that are commonly printed in multiple industry sectors, including:

  • Metal
  • Varnishes
  • Plastics
  • Foils
  • Glass
  • Glossy Paper and Cardboard
  • Packaging
  • Marking & Coding

Funai Solvent-Based Inks Technical data

HP Solvent-Based Inks Technical Data


SIGMA delivers industry-leading 12-hour decap, deeper blacks & longer shelf life

Explore SIGMA

A black ink droplet with a clock inside it

Our experts were able to create a new solvent-based ink designed to meet the specific needs of industrial thermal inkjet printers for challenging substrates and operating environments.

SIGMA, Kao Collins’s newest solvent ink for HP Specialty Printing Systems, delivers unparalleled performance. Our chemists set out to raise the bar.

Sigma’s Advanced Performance

  • Decap: 12 hours
  • Shelf Life: 24 months
  • Drying: Instant and without heat
  • Deeper Black: Improved dye delivers richer black and crisp results
  • Durability: Light-fast, heat and water-resistant
  • Efficiency: No wiping and purging, increasing up-time

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NEXXO Solvent Ink Pairs with Funai Cartridges 2-D Barcoding on Curved Products

Explore NEXXO

Depiction of legible text printed with NEXXO. Stop Making customers connect the dots.

Our chemists formulated NEXXO inkjet ink to meet the performance requirements of Funai’s new TIJ cartridge. NEXXO produces high-resolution expiration dates, lot codes, and 2D barcodes without relying on low-quality dot-matrix alphanumerics that suffer from low legibility. This ensures greater accuracy for supply-chain management and increases consumer confidence by improving readability.

The 10mm throw distance of Funai’s new print cartridge increases the options for thermal inkjet marking and coding on curved or recessed areas of metal cans and glass or plastic bottles.

NEXXO’s Advanced Performance

  • Throw: 10mm
  • Resolution: Supports 300 DPI printing
  • Inking: Larger drop size*
  • Coverage: ½ print swath for 2D codes and text
  • Shelf life: 12 months

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* Compared to other TIJ technologies*


Kao Collins Solvent Inks

Our customers have relied on these solvent-based inks to solve many common printing problems.

  • Bear ink is a black ink that does not require a UV curing lamp, and often, does not need a conventional infrared dryer.
  • Shark ink performs well in very humid packaging environments and provides low maintenance, good adhesion, and water-fastness.
  • Sigma ink for HP 45si Specialty Printing Systems offers industry-leading decap time of 12 hours and shelf life of 24 months. The ink delivers a richer black that adheres to more challenging substrates.
  • Sirius ink is formulated for adhesion to tough substrates and retains a high optical density.
  • Solv-Jet ink is formulated to print on difficult substrates while maintaining a darker image and improved long-term recovery.

Compatible with These Printheads

kao collins inkjet ink testing lab

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Solvent Piezo DOD Ink

For Piezo DOD printheads, our solvent‑based inks are used in fast dry, spot colors, and specialty formulations. Solvent‑based Piezo DOD inks are commonly used to print on a variety of non-porous substrates such as:

  • Glossy-paper
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • PVC
  • Wide-format signage

Compatible with These Printheads

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