Solvent-based Ink

Kao Collins offers solvent-based inks for printing services utilizing Thermal inkjet printheads (TIJ) and Piezo, Drop-on-Demand printheads. For TIJ users, solvent-based inks provide aggressive dry times and permanence onto difficult substrates that prove difficult for water-based solutions. The tradeoffs of formulating and using solvent based inks is maintaining acceptable decap times and color qualities seen with water based inks and, as a general rule, the more aggressive the ink is on the substrate, the more aggressive the ink is on the printhead.

In recent years, Kao Collins has created a robust line of solvent-based inks for TIJ technologies. The most recent chemistries are designed for printing on metals, plastics and other once impossible substrate applications for TIJ. This is a far cry from our patented Max inks that led the way as a break-through chemistry for aggressive inks used in industrial TIJ printing applications.

For DOD users, Collins’ Nitra line offers standard (non-flammable) and faster drying (flammable) formulations for use in Piezo printheads. In addition to substrate targeted black inks, customization is available, including spot colors.