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The Right Ink For the Right Packaging Substrate

Your packaging material is central to choosing the right type of inkjet ink. Kao Collins produces inks for TIJ, Piezo, and CIJ industrial printers that are ideal for any type of product packaging.

Common packaging materials can use several different ink formulations, depending on the information being printed.

Inkjet Ink Options for Common Packaging Materials

Packaging Material Common Inks
Metal tins and cans
Glass bottles and jars
Paper and Cardboard
Plastic bottles and jugs
Flexible pouches and packaging films
Blister pack

Food-grade Inks

Inks must be evaluated for safety in food packaging to avoid contamination from ink migration. You can evaluate these Kao Collins inks for possible use in food packaging:

Contact us to discuss which of our high-quality inks would produce the best results for your product packaging.

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Kao Collins also offers color matching for inks to meet brand specifications.

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Kao Collins Color Matching

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