LED Curable Ink – Tesla

LEDs (light emitting diodes) were introduced as a low energy, low heat, and environmentally friendly alternative to arc lamps. Typically, the initial investment for an LED lamp system is higher than that of a UV system, but with new suppliers entering the market, the prices have come down. Regardless of the purchase price, LED systems offer many long-term savings that arc lamps do not. For example, when compared to arc lamps, LED’s require less energy, have an instant on/off, longer bulb life, and are easier bulbs to replace and dispose.

LED curable technology has rapidly carved its own niche into industrial printing and that niche is quickly expanding. For example, since LED lamps create little to no heat, it’s possible to print onto more heat sensitive substrates like thin PP and PE films, heat sensitive papers and labels. The limitations that we see today may not be around tomorrow. Recently, a Kao Collins customer has been innovative with their LED lamp configuration and it enabled them to print at 300 feet per minute. LED curable inks at 300 fpm!

Collins’ Tesla line is a wide portfolio of standard inks as well as substrate/application specific inks.