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Contract Manufacturing Services for Inkjet Inks

Kao Collins is a contract manufacturing company serving brands through customized inkjet printing inks or in-stock solutions. We produce and supply private-label or white-labeled inks for inkjet printing OEM partners in multiple industries and markets.

Your Ink Engineering Partner

ink chemist examining lab beakers filled with fluids

Kao Collins works with brand owners to engineer printing inks that support unique printing requirements while also complying with stringent industry and government regulations. We can also develop inks that support sustainability efforts to help partners meet corporate ESG goals. Through ongoing production and rigorous R&D, we strive to help brands by supporting and sustaining the most important components of their inkjet printing supply chain.


Collaborative Development

We offer you flexibility, whether you need to specify your ink’s performance characteristics and ingredients, or you decide to choose from our range of available inks already customized to match your technology and specific printing needs. We want you to have the best ink solutions for your business.

Elevating OEM Brands and Printhead Manufacturers

Printing companies that partner with Kao Collins can leverage unique branding opportunities to differentiate products and services through special ink formulations that create unique brand experiences.

We collaborate with both OEMs and printhead manufacturers to optimize ink formulations and produce custom inks that solve problems, bring creative ideas to life, and deliver results:

  • Inks with Quality & Reliability – Kao Collins can ensure your ink performs on even the most challenging substrates and endures extreme environmental conditions.
  • Custom Printing Applications – Our chemists make sure your ink is formulated to be compatible with the inkjet technologies you use and suitable for your specific printing applications.
  • Color Matching – Through precise engineering of your ink’s dyes, pigments, or other color components, we ensure your ink stays true to the visual essence of your brand.

Any Inkjet Technology, Multiple Formats

inkjet inks are packaged in factory new cartridges with private labelling

All of the contract-manufactured inks offered by Kao Collins are supplied in factory-new original cartridges to ensure printing-system compatibility and performance.

Our Private-label Inks Support a Variety of Printing Applications

  • Marking and coding
  • Narrow web printing
  • Textiles
  • Banners and signage
  • Cardboard and other wide-format printing

Supported Inkjet Printing Technologies

Multiple Ink Types and Printheads



Available in Bulk Supply

inkjet inks can be manufactured to meet required performance characteristics

Kao Collins’s Bulk Supply System provides a simple and flexible alternative to single inkjet cartridges for high-volume printing operations. These gravity-fed bulk ink supply stations offer numerous efficiencies that improve bottom-line results for industrial printers.

Benefits of Our Bulk Supply Stations

  • Minimize operator interventions with fewer ink cartridge changes
  • Reduce downtime for your printing operation
  • Significant cost savings over single-use printer cartridges
  • Supply ink to as many as eight cartridges
  • Fewer disposables create less waste

Need technical support?

We’re here to help. Our team has experience, knowledge, and a commitment to finding a solution to your problem.

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