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an electron beam curing machine for eb curable inks and eb printing systems

Over the past several years, Kao Collins has been formulating and supplying new variations of EB curable inks for the industrial inkjet printing industry. These EB curable inks are solving issues common with other ink types, such as material variability, potential migration, print integrity, consistent curing, and more.

Our signature Quanta EB-curable inks are perfect for industrial printers that need to print on:

What is Electron Beam (EB) Curing?

illustration of EB curable reaction process

The electron beam (EB) curing process generates less heat than UV and LED curing, providing a more complete cure with little-to-no odor. EB units use up to 95% less energy than thermal drying, and up to 80% less energy than UV curing.

With continual research and development being conducted, Kao Collins is confident that our Quanta EB curable inks will continue to provide solutions for companies in need of industrial printing help.

Compatible Printheads

Kao Collins’s EB-curable inkjet inks have been tested and evaluated for optimal performance and compatibility with the following Piezo DOD printheads:

measuring and testing inkjet ink at kao collins lab

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We believe customers – not chemists – should drive innovation in the inkjet industry.

white paper in inkjet web feed machine at Kao Collins

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