UV Curable Ink – Ultra

UV curable inkjet utilizing ultraviolet light is the fastest growing ink segment in the digital printing market, far surpassing the growth rates of aqueous and solvent based inks. UV curable inks typically contain reactive monomers, photo initiators, oligomers, pigments and additives that, when introduced to an ultraviolet (UV) lamp, create a rigid film; the reactive monomers in UV instantly crosslink to provide a cured, cross-linked coating with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

UV curable inks offer instant drying (curing) on a wide range of substrates from metals, glass, and ceramics to flexible packaging, thin-gauge polymeric films, and more. UV curable inks also offer excellent print quality, adhesion, scratch resistance, light fastness and color density.

Energy curable inkjet is a rapidly growing and evolving area of development for Kao Collins, and the printing industry. Kao Collins’ Ultra platform of UV curable inkjet inks addresses both the graphic arts and industrial printing markets. The availability of new delivery systems, curing technologies, and raw materials continues to create new and exciting opportunities for inkjet.