Security Ink

Kao Collins offers a variety of standard and custom TIJ inks designed for security applications. Formulation capabilities include invisible fluorescent, visible fluorescent, ultraviolet invisible, IR invisible, UV longwave and shortwave, lightfast and non-lightfast, and more. If one of our general security inks does not meet your requirements, we would be happy to create a customized solution that does.

For highly sensitive security applications, Kao Collins Inc. and Honeywell Authentication Technologies have partnered to offer extremely customizable inks to meet your specific requirements. Honeywell offers high-end security pigments for sensitive authenticity applications such as passports, pharmaceuticals, military equipment, currency, etc. These customized taggant inks differ from Kao Collins’ general security inks in that typical authentication systems use commonly-available detectors that can read multiple types of luminescent materials. Honeywell’s brand and document authentication systems use proprietary optoelectronic detectors that are paired with specific Honeywell taggants. These detectors are customized for the specific chemistry and concentration level of Honeywell materials. This “lock and key” technology helps protect against counterfeiters attempting to use similar materials. A variety of fixed and portable detectors are available from Honeywell to suit your application.