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More Sustainable Inkjet Inks for Food and Pharmaceutical Packaging

MOF (Mineral-Oil-Free) inks from Kao Collins have been engineered as a direct replacement for petroleum-based inks. These MOF inks help customers meet European food safety standards and reduce the carbon footprint of industrial inkjet printing, especially for packaging applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Providing High Performance and Reduced Risk

Barcode example

  • No hazardous pollutants (HAP)
  • Near-zero VOCs
  • Rich, deep colors for single-pass applications
  • Easily scannable barcodes
  • Compostable
  • Ensures reliable dot placement for more legible marking & coding
  • Suitable for food and pharmaceutical packaging without contamination risk*
  • Class 3 rating (out of 4) from TUV Austria on Bio-based composition
  • Available for use in Seiko, Xaar, and Konica printheads

* Inks should undergo third-party, independent lab testing to ensure compatibility with substrates, environmental and end-user conditions, etc.


Physical Properties

Viscosity cps @ 25 °C 10-12
Surface tension @ 25 °C 28-32 Dynes/cm
Particle size (μm) 150-300
Meniscus Range [mbar]*
* Machine manufacturers are responsible for the adjustment of meniscus values.

** Avoid exposures to 55 °C.


Packaging Options

  • 1 Litre Bottle (HDPE). 01B
  • Corrugated boxes of 16-liter bottles.
  • Other packaging alternatives are available.

Contact us for more info.

Colors Available

  • Black
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • CMY
These Bio-based MOF inks are produced by Kao Chimigraf and have undergone extensive lab and production testing.

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