Water-based Ink

Kao Collins started formulating and manufacturing inkjet inks for high-speed industrial applications in 1990. A quarter century later, our labs are still creating and modifying water-based formulations, focusing on helping customers and OEMs expand the application space for inkjet printing. This lengthy experience has enabled Kao Collins to become the technical leader that it is today.

Kao Collins has created thousands of distinct water-based digital inks for multiple printing technologies and a variety of applications (from product packaging to lottery tickets) within the digital printing category. Over the years, we’ve been able to push the boundaries of water-based chemistries. Exciting new raw material developments allow water based inkjet inks to approach the appearance quality of traditional offset printing.

Kao Collins formulates and manufactures high value, low cost inkjet inks using dyes, pigments and hybrid colorant technologies in an 83,000 square foot facility in Cincinnati, Ohio for most any kind of inkjet printer. Kao Collins only uses the highest quality ingredients, and takes pride in its excellent quality control.

Kao Collins continues to invest in new equipment and technologies not only so that Kao Collins can continue to provide cutting edge solutions, but also so that Kao Collins can consistently produce the highest quality ink at prices that enable customers to profitably expand the market for inkjet printing.

Water-based DOD ink

Kao Collins has developed a wide-variety of high-speed water-based inks for use in Piezo printheads. Dye-based and pigment-based CMYK ink sets are available for porous and lightly coated materials. Several of these inks have received approval from the printhead manufacturers, while other inks have been formulated to target specific end-user requirements. If one of our standard inks does not provide the performance characteristics you’re looking for, Kao Collins will create a customized solution that targets the needs of your application. Spot colors are also available.

Water-based TIJ ink

Kao Collins has developed hundreds of different water-based TIJ inks, each formulated for different applications within the mailing, packaging, security, ticket, and other specialty industries. Available water-based thermal inks include dye-based, pigment based, and dye/pigment hybrid formulations.

Water based TIJ

Water-based CIJ ink

Since 1990, Kao Collins Inc. has manufactured a wide range of standard and custom inkjet inks for Kodak Versamark equipment. Users of our fluids report not only excellent print quality and performance, but also increased printhead reliability. Kao Collins has created thousands of individual formulations; each targeted towards customers’ applications and desired performance qualities.