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Our Water-Based Inks

Producing high-quality water-based ink formulations through our investments in environmental research, new equipment, and new technologies demonstrates Kao’s commitment to providing industrial printing solutions not just for now, but for the future as well.


Pouring inkjet ink in Kao Collins lab

Common Water-Based Ink Applications

Kao offers thousands of aqueous dye and pigment inkjet inks for industrial printing on an array of substrates.

Water-based inks emit low VOCs and are among the most eco-friendly and cost-effective inks available for TIJ, piezo, and CIJ printhead technologies.


Kao Ink Advantages

  • Print on porous and lightly-coated matte and glossy materials
  • Invisible and fluorescent options for added security
  • Maximizes uptime, with little printhead maintenance required
  • Fast-drying
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Excellent decap
  • High-speed printing

Print on thin film and flexible packaging with nano-dispersion LUNAJET


Industry Applications

  • Transactional documents
  • Direct mail
  • Wood and lumber
  • Cardboard packaging design and coding
  • Lottery and gaming
  • Wide-format signage

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Water-Based TIJ Inks

bulk ink cartridge

Our water-based inks for HP 45 and Funai TIJ printing systems are packaged in factory-new cartridges. In addition to the variety of customized ink products, Kao Collins also offers pigment-based process (CMYK) ink formulations for vibrant images and 14 standard dye-based color formulations.

Our chemists can also color match any Pantone Matching System (PMS) color.

These water‑based inks are well-suited for a wide variety of high-speed printing applications.

Funai | HP

Bulk supply systems are available to support high output production for printers using either TIJ system.

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Water-Based Thermal Inkjet Inks

Water-Based Piezo Inks

inkjet ink pigments

Kao Collins offers a wide variety of high-speed, aqueous inkjet inks for Piezo printheads.

Dye-based and pigment-based CMYK ink sets are available for porous and lightly-coated materials.

Many of our water-based dye-based and pigment-based inks are standard inks, but some are custom formulated.

If you need ink with unique performance capabilities, we can create inks designed for your needs and requirements, including color matching.

Available for These Piezo Printheads

Colordyne | Dimatix | Konica Minolta | Kyocera | Ricoh | XBAR

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Water-Based Piezo Inkjet Inks

Water-Based CIJ Inks

Kao Collins manufactures a multitude of standard and custom inkjet inks for Kodak Versamark equipment. Providing high image quality, durability, and reliability, our water-based inks for CIJ printers have been used by multiple manufacturers in various industries.

Every water-based CIJ ink that we formulate aims to solve specific performance needs for different applications and substrates, making formulations highly customizable.

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Water-Based CIJ Inkjet Inks

Eco-friendly LUNAJET Nanodispersion
Water-Based Ink

backlit display printed with lunajet waterbased ink

One of Kao’s latest ink innovations, this eco-friendly, water-based pigment ink for flexible packaging, thin films, and wide-format signage produces excellent single-pass CMYKW printing.

LUNAJET Benefits

  • Eco-friendly
  • Even wetting
  • High pigmentation for vibrant colors
  • Durable with no cracking or peeling
  • Colorfast and lightfast

coffee in flexible packaging printed with lunajet ink

Eco-friendly LUNAJET produces extremely low amounts of volatile compound (VOC) emissions, significantly lowering its impact on workspaces and the global environment.

No UV curing. No odors. No damage to the substrate.

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Water-based Security Inks

Security inks are increasingly used for supply-chain tracking and to reduce counterfeiting. Recent technological advancements in the inkjet industry have expanded the variety and performance capabilities of security inks available for thermal inkjet, piezo, and continuous inkjet printers.

Available Security Inks

  • Invisible UV
  • Invisible IR
  • Visible Fluorescent

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Security Inks

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While printing equipment and technologies may change over time, our focus remains the same: Consistently produce more sustainable, high-quality, and eco-conscious inks that move our industry forward.

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