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Our Water-Based Inks

Investing in environmental research, new equipment, and new technologies for developing and producing our water‑based inks is a huge part of our commitment to providing industrial printing solutions not just for now, but for the future as well.

Common Water-Based Ink Applications

Water-based inks are a durable, high-quality option for printing onto substrates such as:

  • Documents
  • Non-glossy paper and corrugated cardboard
  • Wood and Lumber
  • Coated Substrates

While our equipment and technologies may change over time, our focus remains the same: Consistently produce more sustainable, high-quality, and eco-conscious inks at prices that move our industry forward.

Water-Based DOD Inks

Kao Collins offers a wide variety of high-speed, water‑based inkjet inks for Piezo DOD printheads. Dye‑based and pigment‑based CMYK ink sets are available for porous and lightly-coated materials. Many of our dye‑based and pigment‑based inks are standard inks, but some are specially-formulated for specific requirements. If you need an ink with special performance capabilities, we can create custom inks that are built specifically for your needs and requirements.

Available for These Piezo Printheads

Dimatix | Konica Minolta | Kyocera | Panasonic | Ricoh | XBAR

Water-Based TIJ Inks

Our water-based TIJ inks include hundreds of variations of dye‑based, pigment‑based, and dye/pigment hybrid formulations. These water‑based inks are well-suited for a wide variety of printing applications, including:

Available for These TIJ Printheads

Funai | HP

Water-Based CIJ Inks

Throughout the years, Kao Collins has manufactured a multitude of standard and custom inkjet inks for Kodak Versamark equipment. Providing high image quality, durability, and reliability, our water‑based inks for CIJ printers have been used by multiple manufacturers in various industries.

Every water‑based CIJ ink that we formulate aims to solve specific performance needs for different applications and substrates, making formulations highly customizable.

Available for These CIJ Printheads


kao collins lab technician pouring inkjet ink

An example of an product package printed with Lunajet.


Eco-friendly Inkjet Ink for Flexible Films

LUNAJET is the first water-based, pigmented inkjet ink of its kind that uses a proprietary technique known as nanodispersion. It is especially suited for printing on flexible film substrates. In addition to being safe for food packaging, Eco-friendly LUNAJET also produces extremely low amounts of volatile compound (VOC) emissions, which significantly lowers its impact on workspaces and the global environment.

No UV curing. No odors. No damage to the substrate.

Learn More About LUNAJET

Rethink how you ink

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