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Piezo industrial inkjet printers use a drop-on-demand (DOD) technology that ejects ink using a mechanical process. It accommodates a wider range of ink types because no heating is involved. A crystal acts like a valve when an electrical field is applied.

Why Use Piezo Printing Systems?

Graphic of a piezoelectric actuator.

The crystal actuators in piezo DOD printing systems offer the advantage of ejecting variable-sized ink droplets, which print different ink densities on the printing surface for higher resolution printing.

Because of the higher cost of piezo printheads, the technology generally limits the use of industrial piezo printers to higher cost printing applications.

Piezo printing systems dominate the market for the printing of paper, textiles, signage, and home decor such as wallpaper and ceramic tile. Their printheads can be configured to handle anywhere from one to six or more inks, offering the ability to print a wide color gamut through either single-pass or scanning printing.

Piezo Technology Supports a Wide Range of Printing Needs

  • Cardboard
  • Four-color (CMYK) Labels
  • Billboards and other wide-format signage
  • Direct-to-product labeling
  • Textiles

Benefits of Piezo Printing Systems

  • Long printhead life
  • Low power consumption
  • Billboards and other wide-format signage
  • Direct-to-product labeling
  • Textiles

Leading Piezo Printheads

Dimatix Inkjet Technology

Fujifilm is the parent of Dimatix. The single-pass printheads can be configured or manufactured to the width of the substrate being printed. Key printing segments include packaging, signage, and textiles.

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Piezo inks

Konica Minolta Inkjet Technology

Konica’s single-pass and scanning printers meet the increasing demand for short-run textile and fabric printing using inks suited for natural or synthetic fabrics.

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Piezo inks

Kyocera Inkjet Technology

Kyocera printheads are among the fastest in the industry and are used for a range of printing, including labels, wide-format signage, labels, and textiles.

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Piezo inks

Ricoh Inkjet Technology

Ricoh’s technology offers solutions for printing billboard signage, textiles, decor, labels, and packaging.

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Piezo inks

SII Printek Inkjet Technology

The Seiko company produces print heads suitable for the full range of printing, including ceramic tiles, textiles, wood, cardboard, wallpaper, and more. The printheads handle UV-curable, water-based, solvent-based, and oil-based fluids.

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Piezeo inks

Xaar Inkjet Technology

Xaar focuses on the packaging sector and the growing interest in direct-to-shape packaging printing. The printheads handle a wide range of ink fluids for printing on a variety of substrates, from wood to metal.

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Piezo inks

Custom Ink Formulations

In addition to standard inkjet inks for printing on a wide variety of substrates using any inkjet technology, Kao Collins can develop unique and customized ink fluids for piezo inkjet printing on non-standard substrates. Our chemists can formulate inks to meet your technical specifications.

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