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Supporting Applications for Direct Printing on Wood

lumber with coding, logos etc.
Kao Collins inks offer solutions for marking, coding, branding, and decorative printing applications on lumber substrates.

Our inks can be used when printing on raw lumber or for similar applications for coated and varnished furniture products and finished items such as shipping pallets, oriented strands, wood flooring, dimensional lumber, engineered OSB or plywood, MDF, barrel heads, flooring, and more.

  • UPC barcodes for retail applications
  • Instructions
  • Logos or graphics
  • Structural ratings
  • Timber species identification
  • Quality grades
  • Defect markings
  • IPPC marking
  • Batch codes and supply-chain tracking
  • Specifications and dimensions
  • Decorative design and embellishment

Inks For Lumber Marking TIJ Systems

printing coding on lumberKao Collins offers various inkjet inks that can be used with thermal inkjet lumber marking systems. TIJ printers offer a low cost of ownership and ease of operation, including standardized print cartridges with an integrated printhead and ink supply.

We supply water-based inks, solvent-based inks, and other specialty inks for HP Specialty Printing Systems (SPS) and Funai printing systems.

HP 45A – Water-based Dye

  • For printing porous substrates like lumber
  • Long decap time increases printer uptime
  • High opacity

HP Inks


Funai Zion and Bryce cartridges using NEXXO Solvent

  • Prints on wet lumber
  • High legibility, no dot-matrix
  • Reduced VOC emissions

Funai Inks

Advantages of TIJ Inks for Marking and Coding Lumber

demonstrating an atatjet handheld printerTIJ technology makes printing lumber faster and cleaner since the ink cartridge incorporates the printhead. Changing color or ink formulations when printing on different lumber materials is as easy as swapping a cartridge.

Kao Collins uses only factory-new cartridges, providing greater confidence for the demanding printing needs of the lumber industry.

Benefits of TIJ Inks for the Lumber Industry

  • No risk of ink leaking
  • Maintenance-free cartridges
  • An all-weather ink solution that can be used in cold, hot, or dusty conditions

Inks for Printing on Wood and Lumber



Inks for Decorative Wood Applications

Kao Collins manufactures UV Curable and LED Curable inks for digital printing designs on wood flooring, wooden furniture materials, and other wood d├ęcor. Manufacturers can speed their time to market and offer consumers or interior designers wooden items with custom-printed designs.

Benefits of Printing Wood and Lumber with UV Inks and LED Inks

  • Flexibility to respond to market demands
  • Create tactile designs
  • Fade resistance
  • Durability
  • Instant curing – no heat lamps required

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Our inks provide superior adhesion to wood and lumber materials and excellent flexibility for printing logos, wood grades, batch codes, and designs. Contact our ink experts to help you identify the best ink for your unique printing application.

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kao collins commercial injet ink cartridges

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