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Colordyne Technologies, a manufacturer of efficient, high-resolution inkjet printers, selected Kao Collins as a partner to supply high-quality UV-curable and water-based inks for their 3800 Series retrofit for hybrid flexo-digital printing. The retrofit inkjet systems expand the use of digital technology and increase printing opportunities for the flexo printing segment.

High-Performance Inks for Quality Results

Colordyne’s water-based hybrid print stations, integrated with flexo printing systems, rely on Memjet technology with inks formulated to produce maximum results. Colordyne needed confidence that their ink supplier could produce inks with print capabilities that meet the expectations of customers familiar with the quality of flexo printing.

Colordyne 3800 Series printing system
Inside of a colordyne printing unit


The primary goal of the Colordyne-Kao Collins partnership focuses on reaching new markets with a complete solution comprising high-quality equipment and custom ink sets.

Ink Specifications

Our Approach

True to the Kao Way, innovation begins with the customer. Our team worked with Colordyne’s engineers and business managers to understand their needs, as well as the needs of their customers.  Our team then created and tested formulations to deliver the intended results. This further demonstrated how maintaining open and ongoing communication supports the success of our partnership.



Kao Collins works one-on-one with Colordyne customers to develop customized ink solutions for Colordyne’s modular 3800 Series retrofit printer. The inks are specially formulated for each customer’s specific business and application needs, offering increased printhead life, durability, and wider color gamut.

The custom CMYK ink sets used in the 3800 Series UV-Retrofit produce stunning results at 600 dpi running at almost 250 per minute. The aesthetic quality of the printed products is only one benefit of the high-quality inkjet inks—they also deliver water-fastness, superior light-fastness, and better resistance to scratches, scuffs, and rough handling.



“What makes our approach unique is the open conversation we have together with the customer. This allows us to understand the customer’s needs in-depth, so we can craft a solution that combines our custom digital print engine with Kao Collins’s tailored ink formulation.”

Taylor Buckthorpe

Director of Sales at Colordyne Technologies

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