Kao Collins has launched kaoxbar.com, a new website for its recently released X-BAR print module and controller, that will enable industrial printers looking to upgrade their existing equipment to schedule a live demo at Kao Collins’s headquarters in Cincinnati, OH. 

Available since November 2018, the new X-BAR print module utilizes SAMBA technology to produce excellent, high-quality images on everything from porous bond to high-gloss coated stock at speeds up to 1,000 fpm. 

Kristin Adams, Marketing Manager for Kao Collins said, “With its small footprint, the X-BAR is an ideal solution for high-speed, high-volume, single-pass applications.”

The X-BAR Universal Controller is a superior system that replaces end-of-life controllers with the added benefit of being able to integrate multiple print head technologies on a single platform.

“The universal print controller not only eliminates the need for multiple controllers, it simplifies the transition to future print technologies, which results in significant cost savings over the competition,” Adams said.

To schedule a live demonstration of the X-BAR printhead, fill out the “Request A Demo” form at  kaoxbar.com and a representative will be in touch.

Watch the virtual demo of X-BAR Print Module and Controller




Specifications 4″ X-Bar 9″ X-BAR
Print Array 2 Arrays of 3 Samba G3L printheads 1 array of 6 Samba G3L printheads
Nozzles per Array 5632 11264
Print Width 119.2 mm (4.6933 inches) 238.4 mm (9.386 inches)
Cross Process DPI 1200 1200
Process resolution 300/600/600i/1200 dpi 300/600/1200
Module dimensions  Height: 20 inches

Depth: 7.5 inches

Width: 7.5 inches

Height: 11.8 inches

Depth: 9.3 inches

Width: 16 inches

Module weight 45lbs 54lbs
Fluid station dimensions  Height: 40 inches

Depth: 26 inches

Width: 24 inches 

Fluid station weight 200lbs
Startup time 2 minutes
Monochrome system black, spot color black, spot color
Speed 1000 fpm @ 1200 x 600 dpi 1000 fpm @ 1200 x 300 dpi
Controller interface Windows 7/10 Windows 7/10
Variable Data Yes Yes
Ink Handling Aqueous Dye, Aqueous Pigment, Pigment Polymer, UV and EB Curable


stylized photo of the x-bar print module