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This print module is designed specifically for high-speed, high-volume, single-pass applications and excels printing porous bond, high-gloss coated stock, films, foils and more.

The print module’s higher resolution reduces ink usage by up to 50%.

Available Inkjet Printing Technologies

  • Piezoelectric inkjet (DOD)

Available Ink Formulations for X-BAR print module

  • Aqueous Dye
  • Aqueous Pigment
  • Pigment Polymer
  • UV-Curable
  • EB-Curable

Typical Markets and Industries Served

  • Commercial Printing
  • Newspaper
  • Packaging
  • Direct mail
  • Secure documents
  • Transactional documents

Available Packaging Configuration

  • Liter bottles to high-capacity cubes and drums.
  • 1-Liter Bottle (-99)
  • 1-Liter F Style Bottle (-81F)
  • 1-Liter Cube (-81C)
  • 4-Liter Cube (-09)
  • 5-Liter F Style Bottle (-85F)
  • 10-Liter Cube (-91)
  • 20-Liter Plastic Pail (-10)
  • 20-Liter Cube (-01)
  • 110-Liter Drum (-11)
  • 210-Liter Drum (-02)

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