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The earth within hands

We believe in actively demonstrating our values and nurturing our next generation by supporting the environment and contributing to the responsible development of our communities and culture. Our greatest resources are our caring and committed employees, who live and work in the communities we serve.

We urge you to support these organizations, or others that are important to you, to join Kao Collins and many others in keeping our communities sustainable.

February - Cincinnati Animal CARE

$285 in cash donations and approximately $315 in donated items; 1 pet adoption (Bob Plinko Barker)


April - St. Francis Soup Kitchen

3 team members helped serve meals to those in need

May - Flying Pig Marathon

6 team members helped man a water station to help keep runners hydrated

Flying Pig Marathon

May - Memorial Day Donation Drive

$210 raised to help provide grave markers for fallen veterans

June - Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank

4 team members helped package diapers for families in need

August - Crayons to Computers

$250 in supplies & 20 Volunteer hours

November - Thanksgiving Turkey Box Drive

$260 in food items to provide 50 people with a Thanksgiving meal

December - Salvation Army: Adopt A Family

$600 worth of holiday gifts for families in need

Adopt a Family

Monthly during school year - Adopt A Class

8 team members provide an hour of mentorship to a local 4th grade class

January 2021 - Inter Parish Ministry

Part of the assistance provided by Inter Parish Ministry (IPM) are personal toiletries. Government assistance programs cannot be used for such items. One item in high demand is deodorant.

In conjunction with KUI, Kao Collins secured a six-month donation of Ban (a Kao brand). From January through June, on the third Tuesday of the month, Kao Collins will drop off 300 Ban deodorants to IPM, given the storage space limitations there. Consider our donation “sweat equity”.

A volunteer holding a KUI/KCI adopt-a-shelf sign

September 2021 - 'Taste of Hope'

We were excited to be the first group of volunteers to prepare and serve a meal to kids and their parents in the brand new kitchen at the Ronald McDonald House Charities Greater Cincinnati. The great culinary team guided our volunteers every step of the way. We urge other groups to volunteer in the organization’s “Taste of Hope” program.

kao collins volunteer at ronald mcdonald house
kao collins volunteer at ronald mcdonald house
kao collins volunteer at ronald mcdonald house
kao collins volunteer at ronald mcdonald house
kao collins volunteer at ronald mcdonald house
kao collins volunteer at ronald mcdonald house
kao collins volunteer at ronald mcdonald house
kao collins volunteer at ronald mcdonald house
kao collins volunteer at ronald mcdonald house
kao collins volunteer at ronald mcdonald house

November 2020 - Madhatter's Closet

Kao Collins employees held a “Coats and Totes” drive for the Madhatter’s Closet at Oyler School. The closet is the hub for an underserved community in Northwest Cincinnati. The organization provides clothing, personal care items, and shelf-stable food items all transported to and from student homes in tote bags.

Over a nine-day period, Kao Collins employees collected 52 coats, 250 totes, and an assortment of boys’/men’s clothing for donation to the organization.

Bags filled with donated items
Many donated coats hanging on a rack

August 2020 - Ronald McDonald House

Kao Collins hosted a Kao Collins Apparel Sale for employees. With each purchase, employees submitted the name of a charitable organization to a drawing. The sale generated $505 that was used to purchase provisions for the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Ronald McDonald House, Josh Steadman’s was chosen.

A volunteer holding a sign that says I heart Cincinnati childrens hospital and Ronald McDonald house.

July 2020 - Inter Parish Ministry

In conjunction with KUI, Kao Collins prepared 855 personal care kits to be distributed by Inter Parish Ministry (IPM) to students/families in grocery deserts over the summer. Kits contained a toothbrush, toothpaste, bar soap, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and body wash.

A group of volunteers socially distanced wearing masks
Boxes on pallets

May 2020 - Cone Health Center

Kao Collins made a donation to feed and provide a t-shirt as a Thank You for front-line nurses at Cone Health Center in the Greensboro/High Point area of North Carolina. The essential workers helping care for our colleagues at Kao Specialities America (KSA).

A volunteer wearing a shirt that says The hero behind the mask
Two volunteers packaging meals

April 2020 - Cincinnati Jewish Hospital

Kao Collins donated four dozen PPE masks to front-line workers at Jewish Hospital, Cincinnati.

March 2020

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Kao Collins employees donated 175 pounds of food plus $250 to our service partner, Inter Parish Ministry (IPM) food pantries.

Donated foods

February 2020

Kao Collins sponsored a Saturday brunch service for patients and families residing at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Ronald McDonald House.

A group of volunteers in a kitchen

January and February 2020

Our Adopt A Class students visit us at our manufacturing plant. The students’ mentors also visit them in their classroom. Kao Collins is investing in neighborhood children.

A group of volunteers and children, with one man holding a Kao Collins Inc. sign

January 2020

We provided supper service to guests at the St. Anthony Center Soup Kitchen in Cincinnati.

A group of volunteers in a kitchen

2020 Photo Gallery of Community Service

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