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Curve of a glass bottle
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Nexxo Solvent Ink

For Next-Level Inking

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A TIJ Cartridge in a Class by Itself

Using our Nexxo ink in Funai TIJ cartridges outperforms continuous inkjet systems for line speed and quality. The characters and numbers print solid, so you can be confident of the readability and scanability.

A graphic depicting the superior legibility of nexxo ink on a carton

Printing on Non-porous Food and Pharmaceutical Packaging

  • Cans
  • Glass bottles
  • Plastic bottles and jugs
  • Foils
  • Blister packaging

Funai TIJ Advantages Over CIJ

  • 300 dpi  coding, including QR codes
  • Faster line speed*
  • Virtually no downtime
  • No service contracts
  • No highly trained technicians needed
  • Reduces environmental footprint by 90%
  • No hazardous cleaning solvents needed
  • Odor and VOCs reduced
  • Lower overall cost of ownership

*Speeds based on performance calculations.

Printing qr codes on cans with funai printheads and nexxo ink.

Nexxo and Funai Cartridges outperform other TIJ systems

Kao Collins’ aggressive solvent inks, such as MEK, ketones, alcohols and acetates don’t degrade the new thermal inkjet ink cartridges from Funai. This expands the types of substrates that can be printed using Nexxo and Funai TIJ when compared to other TIJ technologies.

aluminum cans with readable type printed

Other Performance Advantages

  • 10mm throw distance
  • Larger drop size*
  • ½” print swath for 2D barcodes at speed
  • ½” print swath for multiple lines of text at speed
  • More ink capacity*
  • More nozzles
  • Greater ink efficiency


*Compared to other TIJ technologies

Nexxo Solvent Ink Performance

  • 10mm throw distance
  • Prints curved surfaces with 2x the throw distance at 300 dpi
  • Overall decap improvement
  • 12-month shelf life
  • No heat drying
  • Prints on more non-porous substrates
NEXXO TIJ Knocks out CIJ advertisement.

Interested in NEXXO?

Contact our expert chemists and engineers about Nexxo ink and our factory new Funai solvent-compatible cartridges.

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