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Food packaging has never looked this good.

With LUNAJET environmentally friendly water-based ink, printing high-resolution images on shrink sleeves and flexible films is now a reality. No UV curing. No odors. No damage to the substrate. LUNAJET solves those problems with patented nanotechnology that allows smooth, even coverage on shrink sleeves and other flexible films.

photo examples of flexible packaging printed with water based lunajet inkjet ink
Pouring inkjet ink in Kao Collins lab

Great water-based chemistry brings it all together.

LUNAJET is the first water-based, pigmented inkjet ink of its kind. Using a proprietary technique known as nanodispersion, pigment concentration is increased, letting the ink spread evenly over the film surface drop by drop. This process also reduces the amount of ink on the film surface, which allows for extremely fast drying and smooth, clean printing results.

What works for flexible film and shrink sleeves also works for sustainability.

In addition to being safe for food packaging, eco-friendly LUNAJET also produces extremely low amounts of volatile compound (VOC) emissions, which significantly lowers its impact on employees and the global environment.

18th GSC Awards

Winner of the 2018 Japan Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award

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An example of an product package printed with Lunajet.

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