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View of X-BAR's controller interface


Advantages Multiply Printing Control

The Universal Controller delivers the future of high-quality inkjet printing as the reliable backbone powering the Fujifilm Samba G3L-based X-BAR, Kodak Versamark, and other printing systems.

  • No Licensing Fees: No ongoing costs or dongles
  • Efficiency: Print 2 rips simultaneously with a single 9.3” printhead
  • Cost Savings: Eliminates needing separate controllers for different printhead types, reducing setup and maintenance
  • Ease of Use: Intuitive controls, real-time diagnostics, and automatic detection
  • Versatility: Adapting to diverse printing needs with up to 8 user inputs and 32 outputs
  • Reliability: Idle cue sensor check and proprietary document synchronization


Controlling Production Today and Tomorrow

The designers built the Universal Controller from the ground up, focused on maximizing precision and throughput. 

  • Compatibility: Operates X-BAR and Versamark DS6240 printheads
  • Read and Print: Simplified operation requires minimal training
  • GUI Interface: A user-friendly graphical interface similar to the CS410
  • Auto Detect: Validate connections between controller and RIPs
  • Tach and Cue Board: Up to 8 inputs and 32 outputs ensure precise control and synchronization.
  • Dual RIP: Allow one 9.3” X-BAR print module to print 2 RIPs
  • Modeling:  Build press models and associated devices
  • Platform: Windows 10. TCP/IP connection
  • Future Development: Ink usage estimation, historical log support, and more

The X-BAR controller in use

Illustration of X-BAR's controller networked with modules

Advanced Tools for Enhanced Printing

The Universal Controller modernizes print management for X-Bar and Kodak Versamark print modules with functions that improve the setup and printing for greater efficiency.

  • Source file
  • Print control
  • Press model setups
  • Up to 8 user inputs and 32 outputs
  • Cue sensor diagnostics
  • Auto-detection
  • Expanded tach and cue

Discover Enhanced Print Operations

Kao Collins
Standard Controller
Kao Collins
Premium Controller
Kodak Versamark
CS410 Controller
Document Synchronization Yes Yes Yes
Max Missed Cues Yes Yes Yes
Tach Resolution Yes Yes Yes
Cue Compensation. Tolerance. Override, Generate Yes Yes Yes
Cue Diagnostics Yes Yes Yes
Auto Page Length Yes Yes Yes
Auto Detect Yes Yes Yes
Registration Yes Yes Yes
Hold Feature Yes Yes Yes
Change Print Range Yes Yes Yes
Repeat File Yes Yes Yes
Supports Multiple PH Technologies Yes Yes
4 Inputs/ 16 Outputs Yes Yes
8 Inputs/ 32 Outputs Yes
Price $ $$ $$$
Kodak VERSAMARK is a registered trademark of Kodak LLC.

You’re In Control

Upgrade your workflow and maximize your printing with a future-proof solution.



What makes the Kao Collins Universal Controller different?

The Universal Controller manages multiple inkjet printheads and technologies involved with industrial printing operations. Because it uses custom code, the controller can be modified for unique operations and functions. It does have an end-of-use life, and components can be refurbished or replaced.

What is the learning curve for the Kao Collins Universal Controller?

We designed the Universal Controller with a familiar interface that makes it easier for printing system operators to get up and running . The controller’s interface design is similar to Kodak’s 410 Controller.

What print modules or technology can the Kao Collins Universal Controller manage?

The Universal Controller can manage the Fuji Samba G3L-based X-BAR print module and Kodak Versamark printheads, and control other Samba-based technology.

How many print modules can the Kao Collins Universal Controller manage?

The Universal Controller can manage 16 X-BAR print modules or 32 Kodak Versamark printheads. Contact us to discuss configuring the Universal Controller for other printing systems or technology.

What is the operating system for the Kao Collins Universal Controller?

The current operating system for the Universal Controller is Windows 11.

How do operators interface with the Universal Controller?

The Universal Controller comes with a 24-inch touchscreen. Operators can also use an included mouse and keyboard.

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