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cannabis jar label

Cannabis Tracking and Branding

Choosing the right inkjet ink to produce high-resolution coding and branding information is the first step to ensuring safety, security, and compliance for cannabis products. Our inkjet inks are specially formulated to print on substrates used to package and sell marijuana products, while also meeting legal regulations for cannabis packaging.

High-Quality Labels Support Compliance

Label requirements stretch from cannabis farmers to retailers. Regulations often involve specific labels for plants, seeds, topicals, edibles, concentrates, extracts, uncured and unusable marijuana, and other cannabis products. Each product package may require a different inkjet ink.

After we help you choose the right ink cannabis jar labels and other packaging, we test its performance and validate the results using a sample of your packaging or label.

Branding Opportunities

Beyond including the required label information, cannabis brands also want to capture attention and attract new customers with eye-catching labels. Process color (CMYK) inks can produce visually stunning labels that appeal to consumers. To ensure brand consistency, Kao Collins experts perform color matching to create spot colors that match your brand guidelines when printed on your packaging substrate material.

Common Packaging Materials

  • Metal tins and cans
  • Glass cannabis jars and vials
  • Plastic tubes and bottles
  • Blister foil
  • Glossy or matte paper and cardboard
  • Flexible pouches and films
  • Mylar exit bags

Kao Collins Inks For Marijuana Packaging and Labeling

We produce and supply high-performance inks for printing marijuana packaging and labels with TIJ and Piezo DOD coding systems.

Ink Type
Water-based dye* Dye-based inks* use colorants dissolved in the base solution. These are available in a wide range of colors.
Water-based pigment
*Both inks perform well on porous surfaces or coated substrates.
Pigment-based inks use small colored particles suspended in the base solution. They are more water- and fade-resistant.
Eco-friendly water-based A third water-based ink is Kao Collins LUNAJET, an eco-friendly pigment ink that prints exceptionally well on flexible packaging and films.
Solvent-based inks Printing variable data such as weights, strains, and other compliance information on plastic containers and labels, glass vials, metal tins, and glossy cardboard materials require solvent inks that dry quickly. The challenge of most solvent inks is the short decap. SIGMA solvent ink from Kao Collins for HP 45si systems can remain idle for 12 hours.
Energy-cured inks UV-curable and LED-curable inks feature photoinitiators that respond to light energy for curing. These inks perform well on flexible packaging and non-porous surfaces.
Security Inks Invisible inks and security inks offer an additional layer of protection for secure tracking and coding. Note: Some regulations allow for the use of these security inks but not for any “secret” brand messaging.

Our Ink Benefits and Characteristics

  • Lower VOC emissions*
  • Rigid/Flexible/Elastic
  • Moisture/Chemical/Abrasion Resistant
  • Anti-Transfer
  • Fast Dry
  • High-resolution
  • Longer decap
  • Longer shelf-life

*TIJ solvent inks compared to CIJ solvent inks

Let Our Ink Experts Find Your Ideal Solution

Contact our experts to choose the right ink for your legal cannabis product packaging.

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