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Solvent Ink for Beverage Can Printing

We specially formulated our NEXXO solvent inks so printers could take advantage of the 10mm throw distance of Funai ZionTM print cartridges. The combination of Nexxo ink and Funai’s long-throw TIJ cartridge makes inkjet printing possible on curved and recessed areas of beverage cans for beer, soda, and other beverage products.

More Benefits of NEXXO Ink

inkjet printed marking and coding on aluminum cans

  • Longer decap means less downtime
  • Enclosed cartridges reduce odors and VOCs
  • Fast-drying
  • Heat-resistant
  • Solvent inks don’t degrade Funai print cartridges


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Technical Data
Funai CarmelTM  Long Throw Bulk Solvent Cartridge

Funai ZionTM  Long Throw Disposable Cartridge

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