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Inks for Marking, Coding, and Packaging Food Products

aluminum cans with readable type printed

Manufacturers are turning to industrial inkjet printing systems for coding and marking food products with variable data, helping customers meet increasingly stringent food industry regulations for tracking products.

Brands are also printing short-run food packaging to accommodate design variations for different food product sizes, shapes, unique flavors, eco-friendliness, and other customization for dynamic marketing and branding that reflects changing consumer demand and tastes.

Digital printing offers the most cost-effective workflow for product versioning, enabling brands to execute agile marketing campaigns and provide dynamic buying experiences that appeal to consumers by conveying the freshness and quality of the food product.

Marking and Coding Non-Porous & Porous Food Packaging

Kao Collins produces both solvent inks and water-based inks for inkjet marking and coding on food packaging. The best choice of inkjet ink for your application depends on the food packaging material(s) and your requirements for ink performance.

Solvent Inks (TIJ)

Kao Collins produces solvent inks that offer high performance for both HP and Funai printing systems, including optimal printing results for marking and coding food products that feature metals, glass, films, and other non-porous packaging substrates.

Key Benefits

  • Industry-leading decap
  • Fast drying
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Long shelf life
  • Much lower VOC exposure (compared to CIJ)


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About These TIJ Solvent Inks

  • SIGMA Solvent Ink for HP 45si systems meets Swiss Ordinance Annex-10, features 12-hour decap, and comes in 5 colors plus black.
  • NEXXO Solvent Ink for Funai’s new solvent-compatible cartridges, offers a 10mm throw distance that prints on curved surfaces, such as bottles and the bottom of beverage cans.

coffee packaging with lunajet inkjet inkInks for Food Packaging and Food Labels

Catching the consumer’s attention and creating visual appeal with product packaging is critical in today’s competitive marketplace. Kao Collins produces inks for printing directly on food packaging or on food labels. These food-grade ink formulations should be evaluated for possible migration by testing the packaging substrate that will be printed.

Key Benefits

  • Fast curing or drying
  • Vibrant colors
  • Print on films, foils, flexible packaging
  • Extremely low VOCs

LUNAJET Water-Based Pigment InkOur patented LUNAJET ink does what other water-based inks can’t achieve with adhesion on flexible packaging, thin films, plastics, and other non-porous substrates. It is an eco-friendly water-based ink, and the formulation produces a flexible finish without cracking or peeling.

QUANTA EB-Curable InkOur electron-beam curable ink offers low-migration risk and eliminates any concerns about photoinitiators and heat from curing lamps. These CMYK inks for Piezo printing systems release no odors and are non-hazardous.

TESLA LED-Curable InkFor food packaging applications, our LED-curable inks produce high-quality results without the risk of compromising substrates from heat-producing mercury lamps. Our LED inks incorporate the highest quality photoinitiators and monomers to deliver superior durability.

ULTRA UV-Curable InkOur UV-curable ink offers instant curing, high print quality, adhesion, scratch resistance, and no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). We manufacture cationic and free-radical formulations.

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About These Packaging Inks