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Assortment of cosmetics and beauty products

Digital printing inks from Kao Collins match the needs of cosmetic brands that seek to convey high quality and sophistication.

Our industrial inkjet inks help cosmetic brands grab customers’ fleeting attention with vibrant packaging designs that stand out in crowded beauty care spaces.

Inks for Cosmetics Product Packaging

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Kao Collins offers a wide portfolio of industry-leading, low-migration industrial printing inks designed for packaging substrates used in cosmetic product applications.

These inks produce high-quality labels, packaging, and variable data on flat and multidimensional surfaces in a single pass. Our high-quality inks offer cosmetic brands solutions for constant changes in messaging and product customizations within the beauty and cosmetics industry.


Our patented, eco-friendly, and food-grade LUNAJET ink is a water-based pigmented ink that produces extremely low amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions. This makes LUNAJET ideal for printing on flexible film substrates for cosmetic product packaging or non-porous materials.

QUANTA EB-Curable Ink

Our electron-beam curable inks offer low-migration risk and eliminate concerns about the effects of photoinitiators and heat from curing lamps. These CMYK inks for Piezo printing systems release no odors and are non-hazardous, making it the best choice to print on cosmetic flexible pouches, sleeves, or bags.

TESLA LED-Curable Ink

Our LED-curable inks produce high-quality results for cosmetic packaging applications without the risk of contaminating substrates by heat-producing mercury lamps. Our LED inks incorporate the highest quality photoinitiators and monomers to deliver superior durability. These inks are ideally used for glass bottles and jars used for cosmetic packaging.

ULTRA UV-Curable Ink

Our UV-curable inks offer instant curing, high print quality, adhesion, scratch resistance, and no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). We manufacture cationic and free-radical formulations. These inks are highly versatile for glass, plastic, and flexible substrates used for cosmetic packaging.

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Better Marking and Coding for Cosmetics Products

Our inks help health-and-beauty brands meet changing regulations for traceability, labeling, safety, and supporting your brand’s anti-counterfeiting measures.

Inks for Non-porous Cosmetic Packaging Substrates

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Our solvent-based thermal inkjet inks deliver superior results for printing codes and tracking information on limited coding space of non-porous substrates for cosmetic products, such as plastic compact containers, metal tubes, or glass vials.

SIGMA Solvent Inks for HP

Formulated for HP 45si Specialty Printing Systems, our SIGMA solvent ink is a fast-drying, heatless ink that delivers 24-month shelf life with a 12-hour decap. Sigma solvent inks dry quickly and adhere to a variety of labeling and packaging materials, making this ink ideal for cosmetic packaging products.

NEXXO Inks for Funai

Our NEXXO Line of inkjet inks allows printers to take full advantage of the increased throw distance provided by Funai cartridges, which makes marking and coding on curved or recessed surfaces possible with thermal inkjet. These high-resolution inks offer increased readability of expiration dates, 2-D codes, and other information that is essential for cosmetic packaging applications.

Works with These Common Cosmetic Packaging Materials

  • Glass bottles
  • Plastic bottles
  • Metal tubes and caps
  • Glossy paper
  • Labels
  • Cardboard

Kao Collins produces other high-performance solvent inks for other non-porous applications.

Inks for Porous Cosmetic Packaging Substrates

Kao Collins produces bio-based mineral-oil-free and oil-based inks along with water-based inks for porous cosmetic packaging. The best choice of inkjet ink for your application depends on the cosmetic packaging material(s) and your requirements for ink performance.

Water-based Security Inks

Dedicated to meeting our clients’ coding and marking standards, our high-quality water-based security inks offer invisible and fluorescent options for added security of cosmetic products.

Works with These Common Cosmetic Packaging Materials

  • Paper substrates
  • Label facestock
  • Corrugated boxes

Security Ink Options

  • Invisible UV Inks
  • Invisible IR Inks
  • Visible Fluorescent Inks

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Marking and Coding Secondary Cosmetic Packaging

Driven by the diversified types of packaging in the cosmetics industry, Kao Collins produces new inks and cartridges for four-color or six-or-more-color printers for superior ink coverage when printing secondary packaging of cosmetic products. Our high-quality industrial inkjet inks produce high-resolution barcodes for more accurate product identification and authenticity, maximizing cosmetic manufacturers’ supply chain efficiency.

Water-based Inks – Kao Collins produces various water-based inks and water-based pigment ink formulations for printing on mass-produced box packaging for cosmetic products.

MOF Inks – Our Bio-Based Mineral-Oil-Free Inks offer an eco-friendly alternative for marking and coding porous paper and cardboard secondary packaging. These eco-conscious inks meet compliance requirements for increasingly stringent environmental and consumer safety and regulations.

Oil-based Inks – Our low-maintenance oil-based inks offer flexibility and consistency on porous substrates such as corrugated boxes for secondary cosmetic packaging applications.

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Kao Collins produces a standard portfolio of inkjet inks and works with printing production managers to customize and adjust formulations for the best print results and color matching.


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